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Benefits of Eggs in Six Ways

Eggs are a powerful food item to always have on the household menu. The list of benefits they have are astounding. Along with the protein in eggs there are many other beneficial nutrients. Eggs can improve your health, appearance and even keep a little change in your pocket.

1. Hair, Skin, and Nails 
Eggs are a delicious meal and a surprising beauty kit all in one package. They contain a great source of Vitamin D, and the mineral sulphur. The two nutrients together improve the health of your hair, skin, and nails from the inside-out.

2. Affordable 
Eggs are a great choice to get the most for your money. They are around $2.00 for a dozen. You only need two to three eggs per serving so they are sure to last you a few meals.

3. Easy to cook
If you have a busy schedule, eggs are simple to fit into a crazy week. You can cook any style of eggs in less than 15 min. Before your week begins, boil a batch of eggs then store them in the refrigerator for easy access throughout the week. You can also add them to some of your dishes. For example, add one sunny side up over a chicken breast, seasoned with a hint of thyme.

4. Weight Loss
The healthy fat and protein found in eggs will make your body feel full. That's great considering a large egg contains only 70 calories—four percent of what the body needs a day. The fact that eggs make you feel full and are low in calories, make them the perfect diet food.

5. Power Source
Lean protein is important for active individuals. One large egg is 10% of the daily recommended amount of protein. They are beneficial in aiding muscle growth and muscle recovery after a workout. Also, eggs are easily absorbed by the body which makes this an ideal power food for an active day.

6. Fight cancer
A recent study (see related sources below) shows that women can benefit from eating eggs. Choline, a nutrient only found in a few foods including eggs, may prevent breast cancer. So eat up ladies!

Eggs are my favorite meal or snack to go for. The benefits are endless, and they taste great. Remember when planning your meals to always choose food that is filling and beneficial to your health. Ask yourself: What is this actually doing for my body? Can't think of anything? Pick again.

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