Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Hidden Menu

I love McDonalds! The golden arches has squeezed a few healthy items in there for us!

  1. Side of scrambled eggs
  2. Side of egg whites (however many you want)
  3. Smoothie (portion size matters, so get the small)
  4. Black coffee
  5. Chopped apples and walnuts
  6. Fruit parfait (delicious)
  1. Grilled chicken Salad (emphasis on the grilled)(go light on the dressing)
  2. Side salad
  3. Unsweetened tea (add some splenda!)
  4. Lemonade (ask for the light lemonade for less calories)
  5. Vanilla ice cream without the cone (only if you are really craving it) (and definitely no cone)    
  1. Grilled chicken wrap (toss some of the tortilla to the side)
  2. Grilled chicken sandwich (throw out one of the buns)
  3. XXX Vitamin water (ask for low calorie)
  4. Filet o Fish (ask for no cheese and no bun) (good all by itself!)             
This little menu I have listed above should allow you to leave the drive-thru with no regrets. Avoiding a damaging lunch does not mean you have to stop going to McDonalds. It just means that you need to take an extra glance and look for healthier items on the menu. Our health and happiness is worth the extra couple minutes it may take to find that hidden menu!

For extra information about McDonalds nutrition facts, I added a link for you to get a head start!

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