Monday, September 26, 2011

Taking Care of Your Ticker, Part II

Along with a healthy diet, exercise is essential in maintaining positive cardiovascular health. When exercise is incorporated into a healthy lifestyle it can strengthen your heart, improve its function in our body, and assist in reversing damage that has been done.

Most people are aware of the benefits exercise has on the heart. The question is: What type of exercise is best for my heart? Here is a workout guide for maximum improvement of your heart.

Warm Up
  • A warm up should last from 5 to 10 minutes at the beginning of every workout.
Everyone should include a warm up at the beginning of their exercise to prepare the body for movement. During the warm-up phase your body can gradually adjust to the increase in breathing, circulation, and heart rate.

An affective way to warm up is through range of motion movements, like arm swings, high knees, and butt kicks. You can also start at a very slow pace that will eventually ease into your workout. I have included links to more warm up exercises below. 3

Cardiovascular Exercise
  • Cardiovascular exercise should consist of 20-30 minute sessions at 3-4 days a week.
Cardio or aerobic exercise's are the key component to exercising for your heart. If this form of exercise is performed correctly and consistently it can improve all aspects of the cardiovascular system. This includes your blood circulation, heart strength, oxygen distribution, and so much more.

Cardiovascular exercises can be achieved through many ways. A few examples are swimming, bicycling, jogging, and even walking.

Cool Down
  • Cool down should last from 5-10 minutes after every workout.

At the end of your cardiovascular workout, it is time to help your body back to it's normal state. Gradually slowing your pace will help cool down your body and will safely adjust your heart rate and oxygen intake levels. Avoid sitting down or standing still immediately after your aerobic workout. This may lead to dizziness or even possible heart palpitations. 1

To properly cool down, gradually decrease intensity of your workout all the way to your completion point. Immediately continue your cool down with range of motion exercise's(similar to warm up) and also incorporate stretching exercises. 2

It is important to perform these exercises as regularly as possible to have the most positive results for your heart. If you have any concerns or previous health issues consult your doctor before starting a cardiovascular exercise routine. You should also consider purchasing a heart rate monitor to track heart rate intensity and improvements. Have fun and think positively! This is an amazing way to get your health and confidence to its peak!

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