Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Egg White, Tuna and Spinach Scramble

Nutritious Ideas for You

This meal gives the perfect balance of all the nutrients you need packed into one delicious low calorie dish.

1 Serving
3 large eggs or half cup of already prepared egg whites
1/2 can tuna in water drained
1 laughing cow light cheese wedge (any flavor)
1/2 cup frozen spinach
1/4 cup bell pepper finely chopped (any color/ change it up)
Dash garlic powder
Dash lemon pepper or hot sauce to taste

If you have never made egg whites. . .
Crack the egg gently on the edge of the pan. Put both thumbs together at the crack and slowly start to pull apart until the clear egg content starts to drip out into the pan. Tip one side of the egg over until the yolk pours into the bottom half. Slowly start to toss it into the other half with enough room for more of the clear contents to continue to drop into the pan. Continue this process until only the egg yolk is left in the shell.

1. Pour contents into non stick pan and heat at medium temperature.
2. Toss ingredients and stir in different directions to make sure all contents are cooked and heated to perfection.
3. Should only take a couple of minutes for clear contents to become egg whites and only 5 to 7 minutes for all ingredients to be warmed to completion. (I like to wait until some edges become golden.)
4. Enjoy!

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