Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fun Ways to Ease Stress and Improve Your Health

We live in a fast paced world. We are bombarded with emails, text messages, twitter feeds, and busy schedules. All these factors add up to a stressful day, but stress does not have to control your life. Here are some fun and healthy ways to help reduce your daily stress.

Eating Healthy

Foods such as avocados can help control cravings and make you feel better. The healthy fat and potassium in avocados will help lower blood pressure leaving you feeling more at ease. My favorite way to enjoy an avocado is by adding it to a homemade taco salad.

Eating healthy doesn't have to to be boring. Add an orange to a fruit smoothie in the morning.
Oranges are another powerful food that helps reduce stress. The Vitamin C in oranges can directly improve your mood. Vitamin C assists your body in leveling out stress hormones and blood pressure.

There are many more stress relieving foods, so please check out the source below.


Physical activity like running or playing basketball release endorphins that instantly improve your mood. Regular exercise can even help you feel better by improving your confidence and helping you sleep better at night.

Each day do something active to improve your physical health and mental state-of-mind. When choosing an activity, choose what works for you best. You could try re-uniting yourself with a childhood activity or hobby, like your love for bicycle riding, and turn it into your adulthood hobby!


A more expensive, but healthy alternative to stress relief is acupuncture or massage therapy. These methods directly target areas of your body affected by stress to relieve pressure.

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