Monday, November 28, 2011

Miracle Veggie: Edamame Nutrition

Eda-WHAT?! . .
. .  a japanese word for soybeans that are not fully matured, picked then boiled in their pod.

I am bringing up edamame not only because of its amazing taste, but it's amazing health benefits. I would  consider edamame my food addiction. Lucky me, it's a healthy addiction, and quite affordable! Coming across a vegetable with a healthy source of protein, vitamins and minerals, and a great taste was a glorious discovery. Here are three healthy reasons why I think you should fit edamame on your grocery list.

Antioxidants Galore
Antioxidants are an essential ingredient in food that fights off cell damaging free radicals in your body. We need to start taking action to prevent diseases and cancer from invading our future. We also want to keep in mind that during cold an flu season, we need to give our bodies the right nutrients to stay healthy during our busy schedules. Edamame contains antioxidants that may help strengthen the immune system making it the perfect component to help fight off the seasonal bugs!

Healthy Edamame Idea: 
Replace your evening bowl of potato chips, or fast food french fries with a bowl of edamame. Sprinkle lightly with sea salt and you have a perfect snack or side dish!

Perfect Protein
Most vegetables are packed with beneficial vitamins and minerals, but not all of them have a good source of protein like edamame. Many people eat edamame as a snack or appetizer, but I feel it makes the perfect main course to a meal. It is packed with about 22 grams of protein per one cup, a healthy amount of carbohydrates, and is low in fat.

Fun Edamame Recipe:
Make one cup of whole grain rice. Lightly saute mushrooms with olive oil and garlic. Enjoy rice, topped with cooked edamame and sauteed mushrooms. Need more flavor? Drizzle with low sodium soy sauce.

Weight Control
Eating food that makes you feel full and satisfied is exactly what we need from every meal. Adding edamame to your diet can help kick those additional cravings for a second serving. Edamame is packed with fiber that tends to make you feel full. Fiber takes longer to fully digest and absorbs water in your stomach causing it to expand. When you feel full it will help you avoid over eating and can help to control or lose weight.

My Edamame Dinner Tonight: 
One can of tuna and one cup cooked edamame. Drizzle with lemon. Enjoy with a glass of cabernet sauvignon!

Now that I have provided enough health reasons on why it is worth trying, it is your turn to taste how great they are!

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